The foundation of the TRUTH

My father Dr S. P. de Silva born in Sri Lanka in 1931 he was educated at trinity college kandy and excelled in all sports and was head prefect and vice captain cricket. He graduated from the Colombo medical college and after internship proceeded to England. He was a consultant in physical medicine (what is now called rheumatology) at Guys hospital London in the 1960’s. He gave up medicine and spent 39 years in the pursuit of the TRUTH. The truth being the understanding of the true nature of things. This is a scientific rationalization of Buddhism. The OPEN BOOK is all of his life s work in 50 verses. This transcends all boundaries of religion and is truly a cosmic formula to understand our purpose of existence. This is a life times work painstaking documented over time. It is my duty as a scientist and as his only child to share this with the world.



Prof Arjuna P De Silva